Today, everything is going wireless including the fire and life safety industry. Most facility managers have heard of wireless fire alarm panels, but many aren’t familiar with wirelessly monitored fire extinguishers. This type of technology provides a viable alternative to monthly fire extinguisher inspections. This quick overview explains more about the technology, its’ advantages, and may help you to decide whether it’s something you should consider for your facility.

Wireless monitored fire extinguishers have been available for several years and are starting to gain some traction in the marketplace. The technology is compatible with most fire alarm systems and constantly monitors changes with the fire extinguisher. The facility’s maintenance staff is notified if the fire extinguisher isn’t within the required pressure range, obstructed, or it’s removed from the mount

Since the fire extinguishers are monitored 24/7 it eliminates the need for facility maintenance staff to perform monthly fire extinguisher inspections. Depending on the size of the facility, it can take staff a few hours each month to perform the inspection. Wirelessly monitored fire extinguishers give them time to address other areas of the facility that require attention. In some facilities, such as hospitals, fire extinguishers often are temporarily obstructed by mobile medical devices, hospital beds etc. This technology alerts the staff about obstructed fire extinguishers so that they can fix the problem. Additionally, in places where vandalism may occur, such as a college campus, you’ll know immediately when someone removes an extinguisher from its’ mount. This can prompt the staff to take steps in order to prevent fire extinguisher theft in problem areas

Overall, wirelessly monitored fire extinguishers eliminate code violation fines such as failing to perform monthly inspections, obstruction, and missing extinguishers. You may want to consider installing wirelessly monitored fire extinguishers if you frequently receive fire extinguisher code violations or maintain a large facility. In most situations, facilities will see a return on their investment in a few years.

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