Fire Alarm Requirements

Fire alarm systems are required in most occupied buildings and their purpose is to notify people to evacuate the facility in the event of a fire. The majority of modern systems are low-voltage addressable fire alarm systems that can provide the exact location where smoke or heat was detected.  Older systems, still in operation, can be conventional zoned systems or 120 volt bell and buzzer systems. These system’s standards are governed by NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. The code outlines the requirements for inspection, testing, maintenance, design, and installation.

Kinetix’s technicians have a comprehensive understanding of NFPA 72 requirements and how they apply to your facility. We evaluate local fire alarm code requirements and work with your authority having jurisdiction in order to craft a customized plan to keep you code compliant.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Many Local Authorities and Fire Marshal’s require routine inspections on fire alarm systems and their components.  It’s the building owner or manager’s responsibility to make certain that these inspections are done at the necessary intervals and documented properly. The main goal of a fire alarm inspection is to provide visual confirmation that a system or component is working properly, in the proper location, free from physical damage, or any condition that could impair operation.

A good proactive fire alarm inspection plan is essential to catching problems early on, in between, or during testing cycles. Although some components should be inspected weekly or monthly, many require inspections on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Kinetix Fire & Life Safety Experts develop a schedule based on your fire alarm and local code requirements. We work closely with you to make sure your system and its components are inspected at the right intervals.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm testing involves operational tests in which the system components are activated and their proper operation is verified. These tests cover many different devices and system components including:

  • Smoke detector sensitivity test
  • Notification appliance audibility/intelligibility
  • Battery load tests

Kinetix follows fire alarm testing procedures and creates a service schedule that meets or exceeds national and local code requirements. The goal is to ensure systems are operating within the ranges optimal for peak performance.

Our Kinetix customized forms and test reports detail all of the system’s functions, devices, and also identifies any deficiencies. We take time to discuss these test report’s results with our customers so that we can answer their questions and address any areas of concern. Kinetix also provides access to fire alarm testing reports anytime in our secure online Customer Portal as part of our Program Based ITM Package.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm maintenance is often overlooked if a system is operating without trouble signals or false alarms, but this can quickly become a problem. Without the proper fire alarm maintenance plan small issues can result in costly repairs if they’re not taken care of immediately.

That’s why Kinetix develops a fire alarm maintenance plan to ensure your building is routinely serviced as part of our preventative approach to maintenance. Kinetix also has a full service response team available to respond to fire alarm emergency service, maintenance tasks, and routine work. Our 24/7 service hotline is available for our maintenance customers if a problem needs immediate attention. When you need us, we’ll be there.

Fire Alarm System Design & Installation

Kinetix Fire Alarm System Group includes NICET Certified engineers, designers, and installation technicians will create a customized plan to meet your project’s requirements. Whether you’re a contractor looking to work with a designer to craft prints or a facility’s manager who needs a complete fire alarm installation, we’ll be there to work with you throughout every step.

Kinetix offers the following fire alarm installation services:

  • Prints with detailed system layout and design
  • System startup and programming
  • Code consulting design
  • Permit drawing
  • Turnkey installation

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring ensures that when there’s a fire alarm trouble signal it won’t go undetected. In the event of an emergency every second counts. That’s why a central station monitoring team is standing by to dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to addresses the situation immediately. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of potential property damage. When Kinetix provides you with fire alarm monitoring, you can rest easy knowing we’ll keep a watchful eye on your fire alarm system 24/7.


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