Fire and Smoke Damper Requirements

Fire dampers, smoke dampers, and combination fire smoke dampers may be hidden from view but they play an integral role in passive fire protection. Together, fire and smoke dampers prevent fire and smoke from spreading through a facility’s ductwork. In most cases, fire damper inspection and testing requirements are every four years and every six years for healthcare facilities.

Fire and Smoke Damper Services

Unsure about where your facility’s fire dampers are located? Kinetix’s NICET certified technicians are experienced in providing a full inventory review. They locate and record fire damper’s locations throughout any type of facility. This enables facility managers to identify the locations of their dampers and allows for expedited fire damper inspection and testing in the future.

During fire damper testing, our technicians take before and after pictures to show that the dampers open and close as designed. We provide our customers with a comprehensive fire damper analysis report that notes all the important information about each of their devices. No matter what service you require, Kinetix helps to keep you compliant with JCAHO and NFPA fire damper testing, inspection, and maintenance requirements.

Kinetix’s fire damper inspection and testing includes:

  • Survey of existing dampers
  • Labeling devices
  • Replacing links
  • Cleaning and lubricating tracks
  • Obstruction analysis