What’s the Cost of Fire Damper Testing?

The average cost of fire damper testing and inspections is between $40-$150 per fire damper. The service contract may include vacuuming dampers, removing and replacing links, lubricating the assembly, inspecting surrounding fire blocking, and even service money to make repairs. There’s a significant price range because there are many aspects to consider when estimating the cost of fire damper testing. You can get a better understanding of how much fire damper testing will cost your facility by evaluating the following items:

  • Facility Type- Office building, museum, health care
  • Complete Fire Damper Survey- Is the fire damper inventory available and are the fire damper’s locations documented?
  • Accessibility -Will technicians have issues accessing the fire dampers?

Facility Type

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of fire damper testing and inspections is the facility type. Office buildings are generally simple, and technicians can perform fire damper services during regular business hours. The cost of fire damper testing is the least expensive in these types of facilities as long the contract doesn’t have any special requirements.

In museums, technicians work around irreplaceable artifacts. They must work extremely carefully while working around these pieces. This requires them to take additional time during testing. They may also have to work during off-hours to examine fire dampers located in exhibit areas. This adds to the cost of fire damper testing. Similarly, health care facility fire damper testing involves taking extra precautionary steps, like using a containment unit. This prevents exposing patients to dust and debris and contaminating sterile areas. Additionally, fire damper testing in operating rooms occurs during off-hours. On average, the cost of fire damper testing in health care facilities is about 20% more than a basic office building.

Complete Fire Damper Survey

A fire damper survey includes an inventory of the types of fire dampers throughout the facility. It also contains a record of their locations on architectural backgrounds. Some building’s fire surveys are only partially available. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in facilities that have had numerous owners over the years. The cost of fire damper testing is about 25% more when a company must perform a fire damper survey. If the company must create architectural drawings in addition to documenting fire damper inventory and locating the dampers, then the cost drastically increases.


Some prevalent accessibility issues that increase the cost of fire damper testing and inspection include renovations, lift rentals, working hours. Facility improvements and renovations can make accessing fire dampers very difficult. Moving walls and installing cable trays near ductwork and fire damper access panels are common renovation issues. In some cases, technicians may have to install a new access panel. Fire dampers located 15ft. above the floor may require the testing company to rent a lift. Lastly, dampers located in areas that are inaccessible during regular business hours increases the cost of fire damper testing.

The cost of fire damper testing can range from $40-$150 because of the factors that affect pricing. An office building with complete fire damper survey information and easily accessible fire dampers pricing is on the low end of the spectrum. Whereas, a health care facility that requires a fire damper survey and has several accessibility issues costs more. By evaluating these three elements in your facility you can understand where your price will fall in the spectrum.

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