What are the Differences Between Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps?

Both electric and diesel fire pumps provide fire sprinklers throughout a facility with adequate water supply during a fire. So, what are the differences between electric and diesel fire pumps? Some of the key differences between electric and diesel fire pumps include their applications, maintenance and cost, and lifespan.

Electric vs Diesel Fire Pump Applications

Diesel fire pumps are ideal for applications when there’s already a separate pump house or the pump room is located on an exterior wall. Some facilities that use diesel fire pumps include warehouse, aircraft hangars, and industrial facilities. Since their footprint is larger than an electric fire pump, they’re not suitable for facilities with minimum space. Unlike diesel pumps, electric fire pumps can be located within the building. Office buildings and condominiums are often equipped with electric fire pumps. Additionally, high rises sometimes install an additional electric fire pump above the ground or basement level to increase water pressure.

Maintenance and Cost Electric vs Diesel Fire Pump

One of the important differences between electric and diesel fire pumps is the cost. Diesel fire pumps are more expensive to install because they require additional items such as fuel storage tanks and exhaust ventilation. In terms of maintenance and lifetime cost, electric fire pumps require dedicated electrical service and have higher electrical costs than a diesel pump. But diesel fire pumps require regularly inspecting batteries, oil level, cooling system, hoses, and engine in addition to a weekly run test. Overall, diesel fire pumps cost more because they’re serviced more frequently and have more items to maintain. Also, keep in mind the cost of fire pump preventative maintenance is extremely affordable whereas cutting back on regular service results in costly repairs and replacements.

Lifespan Differences Between Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps

As mentioned, electric fire pumps require much less maintenance compared to diesel pumps. Since diesel fire pumps have more components that require service, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Neglecting to service these items could shorten its lifespan much more so than an electric fire pump.

There are many differences between electric and diesel fire pumps. Each pump has different applications, service requirements, and lifespans vary based on maintenance. If you’re looking to install or replace your fire pump a professional can help you select a fire pump to fit your facilities needs.

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