The cost of a fire alarm installation can vary from a thousand to well over a million dollars. The number of devices and code requirements are the two main factors that affect the cost of any fire alarm installation project. But, you must take more factors into consideration to fully understand a fire alarm system installation’s price tag.

Type of Facility and Code Requirements

The type of facility, occupancy, and layout are factors that help to determine the complexities of an installation. An office building with an open concept fire alarm installation estimate is less than one that consists of multiple rooms. National and local codes also stipulate the requirements and have a major impact on the cost of a fire alarm installation.

Fire Alarm Devices

Purchasing and installing new fire alarm devices accounts for 90% of the estimate. But, not all installations require entirely new devices. Contractors can reuse existing devices when they’re in good condition and compatible with the new system. Reusing existing fire alarm devices causes the installation price to drastically drop.


Similar to the price of devices, utilizing existing wiring saves a sizable amount money. Typically if the wiring is in good condition, contractors can use it for the project. Using new wiring increases the cost of a fire alarm installation. This is because contractors have to account for the cost of wire, time, and the number of technicians it takes to wire an entire facility.

Conventional vs Addressable System

In general, conventional systems cost 25% less than addressable fire alarm systems. But addressable systems are capable of identifying each device’s individual point and location throughout your facility. In the event of a fire, this can direct first responders to the proper incident’s location and limit the amount of fire damage. These systems also allow for easier expansion and modifications which are beneficial in today’s ever changing market. The cost breakdown also depends on whether the installation requires new wiring and the layout of the facility. Conventional systems are allotted a small number of devices per loop. Therefore, depending on the layout of the facility a conventional fire alarm system installation may use more wiring than an addressable system.

Proprietary vs Open Fire Alarm System

A proprietary fire alarm is cheaper than an open fire alarm system installation. The installation is a great deal but down the road, the service prices make up for the initial bargain. Since the system is proprietary no other company may provide programming and the customer’s locked into them for those services. This allows the company to set a high price on services. Open fire alarm system’s service prices are competitive throughout the lifespan of the system because multiple companies, with factory trained technicians, can program the fire alarm.

By evaluating these factors you can determine whether your fire alarm installation will be an expensive comprehensive project. After all, you don’t want to be completely surprised when you receive your fire alarm installation estimate.

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