There are many factors that affect the cost of fire alarm inspection and testing. Some key factors Fire alarm service companies consider include number of devices, device type, the device’s accessibility, and type of facility. The following information provides you with a baseline for the cost of fire alarm inspection and testing.

Device Counts

When a smaller facility only requires inspection and testing of fire alarm devices the service is relatively inexpensive. A building with 50 basic devices consisting of fire alarm pull stations, audio visuals, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and a few duct detectors can cost as little as $500 and as much as $1,000. Whereas a facility with 500 of the same type of devices price can average between $7,000-$8,000. Additionally, unavailable device counts increase the cost on average by 10-15%.

Device Types

Parts of the sprinkler system require inspection and testing in facilities equipped with these systems. Technicians must check waterflow switches, tamper switches, and supervisory devices when servicing the fire alarm system. This typically adds at least 20% to the cost of fire alarm inspection and testing. Other devices take longer to service so they’re more expensive than basic devices. These inspections and tests include smoke detector sensitivity, duct detector, vesda, ir detector, and gas detector. Additionally, facilities with elevators require special inspection and testing. If the facility has an elevator reset key, then this service is simple for a professional. Facilities without an available elevator reset key waste valuable service time trying to find it. This causes an increase in service cost.

Type of Facility and Accessibility

The time it takes for inspection and testing varies based on the type of facility and accessibility. Technicians can only access parts of healthcare, manufacturing, and government facilities during certain times. This slows down service time and if technicians must perform services during off-hours, the cost increases. Another important factor is device accessibility. For example, smoke or heat detectors located at the top of a high atrium are hard to reach. Fire alarm service companies that can’t access a device by ladder must rent a scissor lift. The rental fee for an average scissor lift costs around $600 a day.

The cost of fire alarm inspection and testing varies based on several factors. Review the information available about your facility’s devices and the facility’s intricacies. This helps you determine whether your fire alarm inspection and testing is basic or complicated. Then you can understand the cost of your fire alarm services. For an exact estimate on the cost of fire alarm inspection and testing, contact Kinetix today.

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